Friday, July 19, 2019

She took Trump's bait: Omar vows to continue being Trump's 'nightmare' as hundreds greet her in Minnesota

That's exactly what Trump wants, to make Ilham Omar and the rest of The Squad the face of the Democrat Party. 
They are the American hating Leftists that Trump will hang around the eventual Democrat nominee's neck like an anchor.  A recent poll had Omar at a 9% approval rating.  She's toxic!  
Fox News reports Rep. Ilhan Omar promised to continue being President Trump’s "nightmare" as she received a warm welcome in her Minnesota district on Thursday, following a turbulent week in which she repeatedly clashed with the White House
Hundreds of people greeted Omar at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, many carrying placards of support for the freshman congresswoman.
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  1. I love this! Making her and that other rancid vaginas in
    the "squad" the face of the Democrat party was one of
    many of Trump's master strokes.

    I just saw an image of her swearing in cerimony. She had
    her left hand on a Koran and with the right hand she was
    giving 1 finger ISIS salute. I wonder if the other Muslim
    in the crew did the same?