Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Blacks solid behind Sleepy Joe: Biden holds onto double-digit lead in South Carolina

The reason Joe Biden maintains his lead in the RCP average of polls is due the support of African Americans. 
He was Obama's VP and that's good enough for them until otherwise directed by the powers that be in the Democrat Party.  This upsets the "woke" crowd to no end.
NY Post reports in spite of his recent flubs and rocky debate performances, Joe Biden has maintained a double-digit lead over fellow Democratic presidential hopefuls Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in South Carolina, a poll released Wednesday shows.

​The former vice president ​has 36 percent support in the Palmetto State, topping Warren’s 17 percent and Sanders’ 16 percent, the ​Post and Courier-Change Research Poll found.
Biden has led all five of the polls taken since February by an average of 22 percentage points.

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  1. An over ripe melon could lead in SC.

  2. sounds like the SC dnc hardliners are holding out for Hickenloopdeloop

  3. Biden may be leading in the latest (and worthless) RCP poll but Bernie was out there in "historic" neighborhoods pandering like there's no tomorrow, There's even talk of a Warren-Sanders partnership to take out old Joe. (open in incognito mode to avoid paywall)