Thursday, August 1, 2019

Mo' Don Lemon twice calls Trump 'racist' while moderating Democratic debate

This is why CNN is a joke and their ratings are in the toilet. 
The American people clearly see that CNN is not a news organization but just a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.  As for Don Lemon?  He's irrelevant.  His numbers say so.
Washington Times reports CNN’s Don Lemon did not back down despite criticism from President Trump, twice labeling presidential remarks as racist while he was moderating Wednesday’s Democratic debate.

Lemon, with partners Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, presided over a session with questions designed to highlight differences between the 10 candidates onstage, most of whom eagerly took the bait.
Tuesday night’s debate wasn’t a ratings triumph for CNN. The Nielsen company said just under 8.7 million people watched, a sharp drop from the 15.3 million who saw opening night of the first debate on NBC News last month.

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