Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Bill de Blasio's New York: NYC’s gross subway cars are actually getting worse, a dirty mess

Under the progressive leadership of Mayor Bill de Blasio New York is becoming a much dirtier city. 
The days of filth are making a comeback and he cares very little about how it affects his legacy as mayor. 

NY Post reports it’s not your imagination — the subways are getting even grosser.

Complaints of “soiled” subways are piling up, with skeeved straphangers reporting more cars caked with garbage, food spills and human waste so far in 2019 than in all of 2017, according to MTA data.

Having already blown past the 1,504 reports logged in 2017, this year’s 1,623 complaints as of the end of August are on pace to obliterate 2018’s year-end tally of 2,058, the agency said — to the surprise of absolutely no New Yorkers.

“Saying the trains are getting dirtier is like saying the Titanic took on two inches of water after it had already sunk,” said Gene Glicksman, a Queens lawyer toughing it out on the A/C platform at Fulton Street in lower Manhattan.

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  1. do you recall the bbc show "restaurant at the end of the universe" where in one of the plots was what killed off an entire planetary population? telephone handset cleaners quit and left the planet. everyone died from disease spread by talking on the phone.
    perhaps that is the elites plan for NYC excess population. anyone poor enough to ride the subway will die from diseases contracted from the filth they stand in. the rats will eventually clean up the mess; have no fear. trust the plan...