Sunday, September 15, 2019

Disgraceful: Maspeth High School’s secret to high pass rates is cheating: teachers

This is very upsetting. 
How can this go on in public high school run by Bull de Blasio?  Oh, I think I answered my ownb question.
NY Post reports at highly rated Maspeth High School in Queens, students know they can play hooky, skip course work, flunk tests — and still pass.

They call it the “Maspeth Minimum,” meaning everyone gets at least the minimum grade or score needed to pass or graduate, no matter what.

Whistleblowers call it fraud. The secret to the school’s 98% graduation and 90% Regents pass rate, they say, is simple: “Cheat!”

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  1. How many of their "students" are third world culture?

    How many are fourth world culture?

    It is easy enough for them to get good grades if they actually WORK at it. After all, the educational curriculum has been sufficiently dumbed down for MANY years now. But "work
    is not a term that exists in third world culture. Or fourth world culture either, for that matter...

  2. And people wonder how Alexandria Empty Cortex got a 4-year degree
    in economics and came out with less knowlege on the subject
    than a Kindergartner? 30+ years ago, I read that most colleges
    had to stick new students in remedial reading and math classes.

    What we are seeing is the logical progression of social promotion
    in our school systems. In another 30 years, even the core subjects
    will have been so "dumbed down" that our future will be that of
    the movie Idiocracy!

  3. The Mainstream Media and the Public Schools are a pair of national disgraces.