Thursday, October 17, 2019

Big Apple $8.7 Billion Graft on Display: NYC City Council passes controversial measure to close down Rikers Island

Enough money was passed around by rich donors who want to develop the land where Rikers Island sits. 

Can you say Casino?

Make no mistake.  This isn't about treating dangerous criminals more humanly.  It's all about the dirty cheddar placed in the grubby hands of dishonest Leftists who dominate New York city politics. 

Anything else uttered about this is a bunch of nasty lies, deceit and diversion.  This is the most crooked city council in. New York city history led by a homosexual, Corey Johnson        

October 17, 2019 will truly go down as one of the saddest fdays or New York. 

NY Post reports
The end has come for Rikers Island.

the City Council on Thursday approved Mayor Bill de Blasio’s polarizing plan to shutter the scandal-scarred complex by 2026 and replace it with four smaller borough-based jails – but not without plenty of pushback from pols and community activists.

The $8.7 billion project surpassed the 26 votes needed for approval Thursday, thus bringing new high-rise lockups to every borough but Staten Island.

The four new jails are slated to be built on the site of the NYPD’s Bronx tow pound, at the now-closed Queens Detention Center in Kew Gardens and at the current sites of the Brooklyn Detention Complex in Boerum Hill and Manhattan Detention Complex in Lower Manhattan.

The Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan portions of the plan each passed by tallies of 36 – 13, while the Bronx part passed 35 – 14.

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