Monday, October 21, 2019

Nonsensical Joe: Joe Biden warns that an increasingly 'erratic' Donald Trump could spark war with Iran by ACCIDENT before next election

Let me get this straight.  Pulling troops out of Syria and ending endless war can cause another war? 
Sorry Joe, that doesn't fly.  The U.S. under Obama-Biden got us entangled in Syria, Libya, Africa and other places.  Military conflict increased under Biden and Trump is reversing that trend of fighting other peoples wars.   

Daily Mail reports Joe Biden has warned that Donald Trump could accidentally lead the US into a war with Iran before the 2020 election

The former vice president took aim at the current president during a campaign fundraiser on Sunday afternoon at Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont's home in Greenwich. 

He said he believes that Trump will be defeated in the next election, but expressed concern at what he could accomplish before then. 

'What worries me most about him is the more pressure he receives, the more erratic he's going to become,' Biden said. 

'He's got another year. He could easily get us into a war accidentally in Iran. He could easily get us into a conflict that is of consequence that he didn't even understand what he was doing. This is a really, really, really delicate time between now and next November.'

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