Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Trump on Secrecy: Dems 'Don't Want Facts to Come Out' during Kangaroo impeachment inquiry

This is not going to stand with the American people.
  Democrats are employing a very unfair process without giving Trump due process rights to defend himself.  But, then again the Dems don't believe in due process anymore.  Look at the bogus  #MeToo movement. 

NewsMax reports railing against the Democrats' refusal to conduct an official impeachment proceeding, President Donald Trump said they are doing the inquiry in secret because "they don't want the facts to come out."

"What they're doing now is something that's never been done before," Trump told Fox News' "Hannity." "They don't want the facts to come out."



  1. Yep - they certainly do not want actual facts to come out - mainly since they don't have any.................

  2. The Dem spin machine is falling apart