Wednesday, October 23, 2019

X 22 Report: The Patriots Just Trapped The Deep State Again, Moves And Countermoves

·      MSM putting out fake stories that impeachment is picking up steam

·      Deep State being exposed for who and what they are

·      4 CEOs of major companies resign

·      MSM goes crazy cuz Trump said lynching

·      Biden used the word back in the day and nobody got upset

·       MSN trying to control the narrative but having a hard time

·      MSM and Deep State is the same thing

·      Storied Ukraine felt pressure from Trump totally fake

·      Witness Taylor full of shit

·      Where's the whistle blower?

·      Trump said NeverTrumpers are human scum

·       Schiff leaking secret testimony

·      Deep State releasing only select info

·      GOP not allowed in hearing

·      Unfair process

·      GOP storm hearing, Scgiff stopped the hearing

·      Schiff ran away like a Bitch

·      Any wonder why Nancy Pelosi won't call for impeachment 

*  Italian Prime Minister cooperating with AG Barr

* ISIS paid mercenary army of the Deep State  


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