Tuesday, November 12, 2019

IndictDeep State in troublements Coming, We Are Now Nearing T Minus Zero


·      Deep State in trouble

·      Indictments coming

·      Rep. Peter King retiring

·      Impeachment push exposing the Deep State

·      William Taylor sat on Ukrainian NGO

·      Connections to Soros

·      Alex Vinman exposed

·      This impeachment process not fair

·      Whistle blower hosted meeting at WH

·      Ties to Ukraine

·      WB may have violated law with GoFundMe page

·      $227,000 raised

·      WB lawyer involved

·      Trump says Biden should be forced to testify

·      Trump releasing another transcript

·      Dems and Deep State being set up

·      Whistle blower standard changed

·      Trump releasing transcript blew it for Deep State

·      MSM shielding WB still

·      Obama should release his transcripts

·      IG report coming criminal referrals comong

·      No DNA taken from Jeffrey Epstein

·      Trump said many in DECA are harden criminals

·      Protests going on around the world

·      People are standing up to the elites

·      Dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery

·      Q and Trump working together?

·      MSM attacking Q

·      Trump and Kim contact via letters

·      111118

·      Time travel

·      CIA

·      Once CIA always CIA

·      Snowden was CIA

·      Q says indictments coming

·      Comey and others

·      Waves

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