Thursday, November 14, 2019

It’s going to backfire’: Impeachment boosts Trump in battleground states

The mainstream media is telling this big lie that Trump is losing the support of suburban women. 
That's the biggest bunch of hooey I ever heard.   

Washington Times reports they don’t like President Trump’s personality, they don’t like his bullying tweets or his name-calling.

But undecided voters in battleground states and key suburbs are saying in focus groups organized by Trump backers that House Democrats’ effort to impeach the president is an unfair, confusing waste of time.

“They’re wasting a lot of time and energy on it,” said one woman in Phoenix. “I just feel like it’s hurting everybody.”

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  1. other than impeachment, what have you done for us Mr/Ms Representative?? what bill/law/legislation/spending bnill have you passed and sent on to the senate?? what senate bills have you debated and taken action on??
    this is the question EVERY representative, democrat or republican, should be being asked EVERY time they show their face in their home district. if they have to admit they have done NOTHING for the past 3 years, maybe they will have to start worrying about their next two years of employment.