Sunday, January 19, 2020

Hall of Fame manager Tony La Russa had sign-stealing scheme with White Sox, ex-MLB star says

Stealing signs is as old as the game itself.  Some do it better than others. 
But, if the sports media is gonna get their panties in a punch, they better wake up to it's part of the game--period!    

Fox News reports legendary manager Tony La Russa had a sophisticated sign-stealing system in the 1980s when he was with the Chicago White Sox, a former American League Cy Young Award-winning pitcher said Friday.

Jack McDowell, who pitched for the White Sox from 1987 to 1994, told WFNZ radio’s “The Mac Attack” about the system La Russa allegedly set up.

“We had a system in the old Comiskey Park in the late 1980s,” McDowell said. “The Gatorade sign out in center had a light; there was a toggle switch in the manager's office and [a] camera zoomed in on the catche

“I'm gonna whistle-blow this now because I'm getting tired of this crap. There was that -- Tony La Russa is the one who put it in. ... He's still in the game making half a million, you know? No one is going to go after that. It's just, this stuff is getting old where they target certain guys and let other people off the hook.
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Jack McDowell is breaking the code and should've kept his mouth shut!

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