Sunday, January 19, 2020

Lindsey Graham Unloads On Pelosi: She ‘May Pray Privately, But She’s Orchestrated The Trial Of Holy Hell’

Democrats need to shut the Hell up because the trail is taking place in the Senate. 
They had their chances to call any witness they wanted when they ran those sham hearings in the sciff.  
Daily Caller reports Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham let loose Sunday on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying that she had “orchestrated the trial of holy hell” against President Donald Trump.

Graham sat down with “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace to discuss the upcoming impeachment trial and the possibility that witnesses would be called, and the topic of conversation turned to Speaker Pelosi.
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  1. They were revising the playbook during Kavanaugh: now they're ready (they think) to pull back the curtains on Act 1, Scene 1.
    They (the Dems and the Anybody But GOPers) are turning the U.S.A. into an international joke.