Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Meet the hot milkman Frank Acosta driving NYC ladies to drink — milk

Go ahead, Dude!  Nice idea to bring back what's old to something new.
NY Post reports Frank Acosta is milking it.

The personal trainer turned professional milkman is not shy about his special advantage in this city of moo-vers and shakers. “I capitalize on my looks to get clients,” Acosta, 40, who is single, tells The Post.

And customers can’t wait for the shaggy-haired delivery guy to get their lattes steaming.

“He’s such a hunk,” longtime customer Lia Shire, of the Upper West Side, tells The Post.

“I have not bought milk or eggs from a grocery since I started with him,” adds the married mom, who says she’s referred smitten friends.
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