Tuesday, March 10, 2020

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo goes Martial Law in New Rochelle over coronavirus panic

This is the kind of thing the worst governor in New York state's history would do.
  He adds to the coronavirus hysteria with an update every two minutes.  Somebody take this governor, please!   
CNBC reports New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has deployed the National Guard to New Rochelle, a coronavirus hot spot just north of New York City.  

“This is unique in the United States of America, we haven’t seen this anywhere else. Think about it, New Rochelle has double the cases of New York City, it’s true, it’s a phenomenon,” Cuomo told reporters Tuesday in announcing the deployment. Westchester County, where New Rochelle is located, had 108 COVID-19 cases out of the 173 confirmed infections across the state, according to state health department data Tuesday. 

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