Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Is The “Second Wave” Of The Coronavirus Pandemic Already Here?

Wahun Lab in China were Covid-19 started

Keep this report in mind because we're not getting the truth from the MSM.
InFo Wars reports even if all of the lockdowns around the world were kept in place for the foreseeable future, this virus would continue to spread

Top health officials and the mainstream media keep insisting that “the worst is behind us”, but is that actually true?
According to, 2,804 new coronavirus deaths were added to the U.S. total during the 24 hour period that just ended, and that was a huge increase over the 1,939 new deaths from the previous 24 hour period.

In addition, we are seeing an alarming explosion in the number of newly confirmed coronavirus cases in Singapore, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Peru, India, Brazil and Russia.
So while it is true that the lockdowns have temporarily slowed down the spread of the virus in some areas of the globe, it appears that we are witnessing the emergence of a “second wave” in other areas.
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I could independently confirm this article because I've been keeping a spreadsheet of Covid-1p deaths.  As you can see death totals were declining from 4/11/20 to 4/13/20.  Then on 4/14/20 the death toll spiked upward by 7,030.  According to NYC Dept of Health additional deaths were listed as "probable" Covid-19 deaths instead of "confirmed" Covid-19 deaths.  These death totals cannot be trusted, period, because underlying causes of death are not being listed as the primary.  These procedures goes against regular protocols and it's extremely problematic.  

Total Deaths     Dates               Increase
108,755        *4/11/2020*

114,247        4/12/2020
119,567        4/13/2020

126,597       4/14/2020

134,357       4/15/2020

145,329      4/16/2020



  1. I would make two points. First, deaths lag new confirmed cases. It may be too soon to claim a second wave is upon us. Second, as many as a third of new reported deaths are being attributed to COVID-19 without any actual testing or proof. Doctors, hospitals and states are incentivized to report death as being attributed to COVID-19 because each case and each death has a monetary value. Payments from Medicare of $35K per death might explain why New York suddenly added an additional 3,700 death in a sinngle day.

  2. Likely still the first wave - news reports this evening are that the first death in the US was 17 Feb - when the red chinese, the WHO (not the band) were still denying any culpability or human to human transfer. Meanwhile, the dems were still running their sham-peachment..............