Thursday, April 9, 2020

Wacky Leftist Pope Francis Says Coronavirus May Be Nature's Response to Climate Change

Never in my life have I ever disliked a pope until this fool came along.
Gateway Pundit reports Pope Francis suggested the COVID-19 Chinese coronavirus may be nature’s response to climate change in comments in an email interview with Commonweal Magazine’s Austen Ivereigh published Wednesday

The interview was conducted in Spanish and translated by Ivereigh into English.

The Pope also decried the throwaway culture of selective abortion, euthanasia of the elderly and the treatment of the poor and homeless.

While Pope Francis’ comments on the environment are in line with progressive extremism, his comments on other subjects in the interview are thought provoking and reveal a well read man of the cloth.

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  1. What else would anyone expect from the heretical homosexual Communist???

  2. I am a cradle to grave Catholic. At first I loved this pope but he has tried to walk on political water. His job is to preach the gospel and stay out of politics.

  3. I see, so it's God causing global warming. Is this going to involve giving more money to the church, to get God to cool it down some?