Friday, May 22, 2020

Andrew Cuomo Outsources Jobs at Below Living Wages to Process 2M Unemployment Claims

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is such a freaking hypocrite.   

Bad enough he runs New York terribly.  Outrageous taxes caused thousands to leave the sate BEFORE Covid-19 started.  He passed an executive  order that caused thousands of seniors to die in nursing homes with Covid-19.  He screamed that he needed 35,000 ventilators when that wasn't the case.  So instead of hiring New Yorkers to process these unemployment claims at a living wage, which he made a big deal of fighting for, he hires out-of-state below NY's minimum wages. Hypocrite thy name is Andrew Cuomo!!       
NY Post reports while millions are out of work in New York, the Cuomo administration is paying people from out-of-state low wages to process their unemployment claims, the Post has learned.

One of the firms doing the work for the state Labor Department, Provalus, has offices in Jasper, Texas; Manning, South Carolina; and Brewton, Alabama — and it pays entry-level workers as little as $9 an hour, sources with the company told The Post.
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