Sunday, May 24, 2020

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a hypocrite on life, death and nursing homes: Devine

Back to my days attending St. John's University the talk around campus was that Andrew Cuomo was a punk.  It was true 35 years ago and it's still true today.  So the MSM can cover for Cuomo all they want.  He's been a horrible governor.  What makes it worse is that his March 25 executive order sent seniors to die n nursing homes.  He had alternatives and he didn't take advantage of them.  His national press briefings became more important. 

MirandaDevine, New York Post 

In his daily coronavirus briefing on Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo was as haughty and boastful as ever.

The difference this time was that the Albany press pack didn’t give him a free pass.

It’s incredible how highly he rates himself when he has presided over the most COVID deaths of any state in the nation by far — 22,976 as of Wednesday, some seven times more than California, 11 times more than Florida. New York still hasn’t come to grips with why that is. The disparity is not a random act of God, as the governor would have us believe.

He bears at least some culpability. He was slower to respond to the threat of the virus. 

And then he compounded that error with the unforgivably callous act of forcing nursing homes to admit COVID-positive patients — a death sentence for other residents as the infection spread like wildfire.

And yet, not a trace of worry do we see on Cuomo’s tanned face.
There is no remorse, just buck-passing.

Wednesday, for instance, he blamed President Trump for the nursing-home deaths. The chutzpah is astonishing.

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  1. it is believed in my corner of things that cuomo da gov is next up for democrat nominee for potus at the convention. the signs are auspicious. the network coverage is exceptional. the falsification and obfuscation of facts and real data is almost complete. dnc will make this look like 2016 was a practice run.