Saturday, May 16, 2020

SHOCKer: Shooter Dad Gregory McMichael leaked viral video of Ahmaud Arbery shooting to ease racial tensions

Hmm, I was wondering who took this video.
  This answers my question.  However, this case may not be as open and shut as I thought.  One of the reasons I hate stories surround a video, is the context.  We don't know what happened before and after the video was taken. Presently, we only one context of this story.  The other side will happen at trial.   
NY Post reports viral video of the shooting of unarmed Georgia jogger Ahmaud Arbery was first leaked to the press at the request of the dad now accused of his murder — because he thought it would make him and his son look better.

The ironic shocker — that it was ex-cop Gregory McMichael who leaked the very video that would expose the Arbery shooting to the world, leading to father-son murder charges — was reported Friday by WSB-TV in Atlanta.
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  1. The other side MIGHT happen at trial. However, based on the performance of the US "Legal" system for many years now, that is NOT a smart bet.

    1. True. But, in the court of public opinion, the shooters are guilty.

  2. We'll see how this turns out at rial.