Monday, May 25, 2020

Why getting infected with Covid-19 isn't so bad the younger you are? What the media lie about!

Since the beginning of this pandemic, the media has hyped an untruth. 
You get Covid, you die!  

That's simply not true! The data shows the younger a person is, the chances of dying are quite small.  For example in New York, a hot spot since the beginning, a person age 18 yrs to 44yrs, the evidence based research shows a 19.7 per 100,000 deaths occurred.  

Compared that with a person age 65 yrs, that jump to 588 per 100,000 and for a person 75 yrs it jumps higher to 1462 per 100,000.  

So who is Covid killing? Older people!  That's always been the case but that's not the message the media tells.  And even if a person ages 18 to 44 gets infected nine out of ten (98%) it's a zero to mild case and he gets over it.  Plus, the person develops antibodies and that's how we develop herd immunity.  

We've been locked down long enough.  Protect the elderly and let the younger go and get passed this thing once and for all.  Covid is not a death warrant for the young!    


  1. Amen to that. End the lockdown.

  2. Here in my county well over half of all the cases have resulted in recoveries so far. Nearly 1/3 of the total fatalities came from a single nursing home and the highest percentage overall has been among the elderly. NOT trying to minimize the consequences by any means but draconian lock downs aren't the answer

  3. Lockdown was a mistake. Trump listened to his so-called experts. But. what's doe is done. Trump is not going to lockdown the country ever again. Once the U.S. is open, it's staying that way regardless of any 2nd and 3rd waves.