Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Rep. Jerry Nadler and the clown Democrats at AG Bill Barr hearings

The Democrat are all about fraud and propaganda.  There isn't no middle ground with these people.
  No such thing as John Kennedy Democrats anymore.  That's why you'll never hear today's Democrat quote their most famous president.  And it all started with the biggest fraud of all, Barack Obama! 

it all started with the biggest fraud of all, Barack Obama!

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  1. During the hearing it was very disturbing to hear the Democrats refer to the violent anarchists as "peaceful protestors." People aiming lasers into the eyes of police officers are the antithesis of peaceful. They are committing felonies and should be arrested and tried. Not to mention, during COVID why are people being allowed to occupy cities and occupy city hall? The occupiers are living in tents inside the city with no running water or toilets and are sleeping in close quarters to one another. They aren't maintaining basic hygiene or social distancing that the rest of us are required to follow.