Sunday, August 16, 2020

We need someone to run for mayor who will save New York

New York City has reverted back to the Bad Old Days of David Dinkins!  Bill de Blasio has destroyed all the good work by Rudy Giuliani an Michael Bloomberg. 

There’s no denying it: The city’s in trouble. Big trouble. Mayor de Blasio is now a lame-duck figurehead, with less than 1¹/₂ years left in office. And the crop of candidates looking to replace him is anything but promising.
New York needs fresh blood. So today we’re asking — pleading, actually: Won’t anyone step up and save New York?

COVID, the anti-police rioting and the crime wave have delivered powerful blows to the city. They created terror on the streets, socked businesses, wrecked city finances, crippled schooling — and sent people scurrying for the exits.

Even before the virus hit, pols like de Blasio (with help from Albany) had left Gotham on shaky ground, with “reforms” that ensured more crime, vagrants swamping the streets and a budget that failed to prepare for even a modest downturn, let alone one shut by the bug.

Alas, at the moment, there’s no one on the horizon looking to replace him who’ll offer anything but more of the same. Or worse.
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  1. Until racist voters come to their senses, stop their racist hatred of white people, stop excusing violence and murder and allow police to do their job, screw New York City.

    Until voters get serious and regularly elect Conservatives to fill key positions, NYC will always cry for bail outs. Voters are like abused women who demand sympathy and protection because their husband/boyfriend continually beats them but keep running back to their abuser.

    Why should we continue to bail out that bunch of degenerates? Tourism is virtually extinct, no carriage rides through Central Park, Broadway is gone, stores are leaving, great restaurants are closed, local ethnic districts are dying, infrastructure is crumbling - what’s so almighty great about NYC?

    Your voters have gleefully driven off the job creators and elected cretins to speak for them in Congress; too bad, so sad but their actions do not elicit forbearance on the rest of America.

    So, tough rocks, NYC, and to quote a former president, “Drop dead”