Sunday, October 18, 2020

Casket outside Brooklyn nursing home filled with 6,500 covers of Cuomo’s book

I think that's a very powerful image of Andrew Cuomo signing the death warrants for over 6,500 seniors. 

Shane on him very writing such a book! 

NY Postreports a silver casket was wheeled to the front of a Brooklyn nursing home Sunday — and 6,500 copies of the cover of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new book were dumped into it in protest of his COVID-19 policies.

The number of covers was equal to the roughly 6,500 people who have been reported killed by the coronavirus in nursing homes in the state — although the ralliers said they believe the figure is much higher.

“My mother-in-law got COVID in an elder-care facility but died in a hospital, [so] her number does not count’’ in New York’s nursing-home tally, said Janice Dean, a meteorologist for TV’s “Fox & Friends’’ who was among the roughly 50 protesters outside the Cobble Hill Health Center.

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  1. It's funny, not going to lie. But I don't know if I'm down to paying money for thousands of copies of that "book".