Saturday, December 5, 2020

Hannity: Georgia Gov. Kemp 'taking baby steps in right direction' while others ignore 'evidence'

The bigger scandal than Biden stealing the election from Trump is the MSM totally ignoring the story! 

Fox News reports Sean Hannity devoted part of his opening monologue Friday to discussing the sworn allegations of election fraud from ordinary Americans across the country. 

The "Hannity" host claimed that the affidavits, "along with surveillance videos in two states casts what is real significant doubts on the integrity of the 2020 election

"Brave Americans now coming forward publicly, many of them as you know under the penalty of perjury, they deserve to be heard," he added.

Hannity also noted embattled Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp's call Thursday night for Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger begin an audit of signatures on mail-in ballots.

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  1. The vote recount in GA is a lost cause. There is not a signature block on the paper votes. The ballot stuffing has made an accurate re-count impossible. Raffensperger needs to be tarred and feathered.