Monday, December 21, 2020

New Yorkers don't need lectures from Emmy award winning Andrew Cuomo, worst governor in the country

When was the last time Andrew Cuomo was worth a damn? 

Actually, it was when he was first elected.  He came in as a different kind of Democrat who said New Yorkers were taxed enough.

Wow, that was different from the usual high tax and high spend Democrats who run this state.  But, that was then!

Like the proverbial Scorpion, Cuomo has returned back to form. 

The propagandists that make of the mainstream media gave him daily TV briefings during the height of Covid pandemic.  They said he was exhibiting  leadership.  But, they were wrong!  That's not Cuomo's thing because he's all talk with no action.  He's not a doer, he's a poser knowing that the national press won't cover his March 23 executive order that sent seniors who died at nursing homes.

Thousand of New Yorkers blame Cuomo for the deaths of their elderly parents, Aunt and Uncles, siblings, and others. 

Cuomo is paying no price for his misdeeds!  And to make it worse he writes a book during the middle of a pandemic patting himself on the back. 

The last thing New Yorkers need is to hear from a self-absorbed, arrogant, fool! 

Cuomo is no good!                 


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