Saturday, January 16, 2021

AOC blaming Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg for Capitol riots is a head fake for her failure to vote for Medicare For All #FraudSquad

Blaming Mark Zuckerberg for Capitol riots?

AOC thinks she slick!  Although her playing racial politics is an old Democrat song.  Progressives are extremely angry at her and the rest of the Squad. 

Although Democrats control all three branches of government.  The Democrat establishment don't want a vote for Medicare for All.  Progressives are irate because AOC and the rest of the Squad have already sold them out the base and not bringing a vote for Medicare for All to the floor. 

AOC cares more for her celebrity than doing what progressives want her to do.      


  1. The tribe owns the Democrat party. AOC is a Democrat, and merely dances to the tune of her owners!!! Why pretend to be surprised???

  2. She has not figured out that the Democrat Playbook is running on issues by blaming them on Republicans, but not solving those issues and making them go away.