Sunday, January 31, 2021

Jimmy Dore-Socialist Group Cheering Censorship Gets Banned From Facebook w/Glenn Greenwald

Disclaimer: For my readers who conservative, MAGA voters, Trump supporters, Libertarians and Patriots. 

I think there's very little me and Jimmy Dore have in common.  He's a progressive and I'm a conservative.  However, he views the mainstream media exactly the same way I do.  That's why Dore is a valuable person to get analysis from because he gives the Democrat establishment holy Hell the same way I rip Mitch McConnell.  He rips AOC and the Squad for being sell outs and very much part of the Democrat establishment. 

So despite what Sean Hannity saying Nancy Pelosi is Speaker in name only, that is not the case.  Pelosi is in firm control and that the Red Pill truth. 

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