Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Black man busted for brutal Midtown attack on 65 yr oldAsian woman was on parole for killing his mom Thank you Andrew Cuomo

Whatever pertains to crime in this state I lay at the feet of Andrew Cuomo. 

He's the one responsible to the rampant increase in crime in NY because he signed no cash bail law.  It's also his parole board that has this sick maniac walking the streets.  

NY Post reports the man busted for the hate-fueled attack on an Asian woman in Midtown was out on parole for killing his own mother back in 2002, authorities said Wednesday.

Brandon Elliot, 38, who lives in a nearby hotel that serves as a homeless shelter, was arrested early Wednesday and hit with a number of charges, including assault as a hate crime and attempted assault as a hate crime, police said.

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  1. Now surely this is a REAL surprise.

    Or not...

  2. Glad they busted him. But, can someone PLEEEEEAAAASSSSSSE tell me what a "love crime" or "simple respect crime" looks like? If I didn't hate someone else, I'd probably not rob or assault him.