Monday, July 26, 2021

Possibly staged? Texas man arrested for abandoning dog on side of the road

 Although this is a very heartbreaking story, I'm dubious of the footage.  How was this video taken?  A stranger comes along and make he video by coincidence.?  Or was all parties involved in abandoning this dog, including whoever took the video?  I'm being manipulated? 

NYPost reports a Texas man was busted for allegedly abandoning a dog on the side of a road last Wednesday in a heartbreaking scene that was recorded by a witness, police and a report said.

The suspect, identified by the El Paso Times as 68-year-old Luis Antonio Campos, was nabbed two days later and charged with animal cruelty for allegedly leaving the pooch, a husky, behind as he drove away a light-colored jeep in Horizon City, authorities said.

The footage stoked the emotions of pet lovers online as the husky could be seen chasing the SUV as it speeds away.

“I can’t understand how someone would do that to an animal,” commented Yazmin Montaya, according to the report.

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