Thursday, July 29, 2021

Sorry Simone Biles can no longer be referred to as the "Goat" because she quit

 GOATS never quit! 

As far as I'm concerned Simone Biles cam never be known as the Great of All Time in gymnastics because she chose not to compete.  That will forever be her legacy because true champions go down fighting.    


  1. She's the ChOAT. Chokest Of All Times!

    She was performing at the same level at all competitions this year before the Olympics. She performed at the same level at Olympic Qualificiations. At the Qualifications would have been the time to back down and say she's not performing at her proper level. But right before the competition? WTF? (insert sounds of choking...)

  2. did you see the video? she was shocked before she landed. imagine coming out of a triple when you expected a double. imagine the consequences of a bad landing.

    someone pointed out at another forum: find out if she got vaccinated before you form an opinion. the vaccine can affect spatial orientation and cause vertigo.

  3. She is an amazing gymnast but by withdrawing from competition she is not the GOAT. The GOAT finds a way, any way, to meet or exceed expectations regardless of personal or professional pressures.