Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Woke Idiots on parade: Portland struggling to find cops for revamped gun-crime squad that was defunded

New Yorkers need to recognize that the same progressive leadership running Portland is the same kind of leadership running NYC.

Progressive government is destroying EVERY major city run by Democrats!  

NY Post reports Portland is struggling to find cops to fill a newly revamped gun-violence squad that was scrapped in its fervent woke push to defund the police at the height of Black Lives Matter protests, a union leader has revealed.

“Over a year ago we were defunded over $20 million and many staffing positions — and many of those staffing positions was our gun-violence reduction team,” Portland Police Association President Daryl Turner told Fox News Tuesday.

The Oregon unit had been “a model in the nation” at “taking guns of the street, taking people who are committing those shootings off the streets,” he said.

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  1. It's highly doubtful that Portland (OR) will ever be able to return to the city it was at the turn of the millenium; essentially, it's been Californicated at best.

  2. With a Soros DA and politicians giving no support to police why would they come back. If they do anything that is "seemed" wrong they can be charged and spend time in court, but the criminals skate. Let the place burn and people over time will wake up and replace the scum running things, or leave.