Saturday, November 11, 2017

Can I take back my votes for John McCain and Mitt Romney?

I live in New York, so there's no way I can vote in Alabama for Judge Roy Moore for the Senate. 
But, I can send money instead and show support to a man who is  being treated unfairly in a nasty political fight by scumbags, both Democrats and Republicans.

Speaking of scumbags, where can I go to reverse my votes for John McCain and Mitt Romney for president?  I thought these two men were men of honor, but that's not true.  Romney and McCain are both a disgrace to the Republican Party!  They’ve fooled a lot of people into believing they are proper gentlemen, but they're not!

I cannot express strongly enough that I regret casting a vote for both of these sad, petty, men who have done so much to tarnish their own reputations.