Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Soft in the shoes Don Lemon attacks Kasich after ex-gov says he saw no clear quid pro quo

Don Lemon is an arrogant ass who don't realize how stupid he is.
  He actually thought a missing air plane went through a black hole.  He wasn't joking, he was series.  I stopped taking him seriously after that. 

Fox News reports CNN anchor Don Lemon on Monday asked Ohio governor-turned-CNN commentator John Kasich if he was "confused" by the transcript of President Trump's call with the Ukrainian president and then went on to suggest that he's a Trump "apologist."

Lemon insisted that "anybody with half a brain" knows what Trump was saying to President Volodymyr Zelensky after reading the transcript and called it "obvious."

"Wait, wait, wait, you can't say stuff like that," Kasich reacted. "You can't say that."

"John, did you read the transcript?" Lemon asked.
"Yeah, I read the transcript," Kasich responded.

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