Thursday, March 30, 2017

Can't Find a Job in NYC? Commit a crime and Bill de Blasio will hook you up with a job

This is the Liberal lunacy of the Commonest Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio. 
He's not thinking about the hard working yet unemployed New Yorkers that can't catch a break let alone a job.  De Blasio is putting his energies and taxpayer money to create another welfare program masquerading as jobs for ex convicts. 

Fox News reports every inmate who leaves a Big Apple jail after serving a sentence will have a job waiting for him or her, under a new city-funded initiative, Mayor deBlasio announced Wednesday.

When asked why ex-convicts were being guaranteed work over unemployed residents who haven’t broken the law — including city high-school and college graduates — Hizzoner insisted the initiative, which will cost taxpayers $10 million a year, is a “smart investment for everyone.”

 “Getting out of the cycle of crime and incarceration is in everyone’s interest,” he said.

“It’s part of life and we have to do better and better at breaking that cycle. And that is in the taxpayer’s interests, that’s in the community’s interests, that’s humane, that fits our faith traditions.”
He urged unemployed people to head to a Workforce Career Center for job advice.

Under his Jails to Jobs initiative, “transitional employment” — which is voluntary and lasts up to eight weeks — will be offered to an average of 8,500 ex-cons a year in an array of fields.

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