Wednesday, March 29, 2017

CBS bitter old man Anchor Ted Koppel Under Fire for Censoring Hannity Interview

Sean Hannity has been demanding CBS release the full interview with Ted Koppel that last for over an hour. 
Just 77 seconds of the interview was used.  Shame on Ted Koppel who is ending his once illustrious career like a bitter irreverent member of the corrupt media machine.    

InFo Wars reports CBS Sunday Morning special contributor Ted Koppel is well-known for his promotion of state-sponsored talking points during his 25-year long career as the anchor of ABC’s Nightline.

Now Koppel is back in the headlines after interviewing Fox News’ Sean Hannity on CBS Sunday Morning and not airing the full segment.

During the recorded interview, Hannity asked Koppel if he thought that he (Hannity) was bad for America.

“Yeah, in the long haul I think that you and all of these opinion shows [are bad],” Koppel responded. Hannity fired back quickly by saying, “That’s sad Ted.”

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