Sunday, March 12, 2017

Consultants say Preet Bharara is well-positioned for elected office bid

What Preet Bharara should do is register as a Republican and he'd knock off Bill de Blasio in a walk. 
But, chances of that might be slim.   

NY Post reports US Attorney Preet Bharara’s shocking termination on Saturday immediately launched calls for the crusading prosecutor to seek elected office.

“Sky’s the limit for him. Democrats are desperately searching for a hero right now and he’s smartly stepped into that void,” said Lis Smith, a Democratic consultant. “Hard to see much in the way of downsides in this fight.”

 Bharara’s checks off every box as an attractive candidate throughout the region – as a slayer of corrupt pols on both sides of the aisle.

And having your walking papers handed by President Trump also doesn’t hurt in the solidly blue New Jersey and New York state.

“The reason he’s probably seeking to be fired rather than resign, is should he chose to run for office in the northeast being fired by Donald Trump would be considered an asset,” political consultant Susan Del Percio said.

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Bharara getting fired by Trump means very little because it had nothing to d0 with his job perforce.  He was just caught up in the house cleaning by a new administration wanting their own people in place at the DOJ.  So Obama people had to go including  Bharara

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