Monday, March 6, 2017

Former Bush AG Michael Mukasey: Trump right there was surveillance...

We have to get away from the premise that Obama ordered the wiretapping.  That's nothing but a head fake. 
The key to the story is DID IT HAPPEN?  Whether or not Obama ordered it is not the issue either.  President Obama very likely wanted it done to protect his legacy from being dismantled by President Trump.  So he didn't have to say a word or put it in writing to get it done!
The Hill reports former Attorney General Michael Mukasey on Sunday said that President Trump is likely correct that there was surveillance on Trump Tower for intelligence purposes, but incorrect in accusing former President Barack Obama of ordering the wiretapping.
“I think he’s right in that there was surveillance and that it was conducted at the behest of the attorney general — at the Justice Department,” Mukasey told ABC’s “This Week.” 
Trump on Saturday accused Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower in New York City just before the November election.
A spokesman for Obama denied that the former president or the White House ordered any such surveillance.
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