Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hundreds of wild college students clash with cops South Beach Spring Break party

 This happens every Spring and the media loves to cover the free cheesecake!
Daily Mail reports Miami Beach Police are taking a stand against thousands of rowdy college students who flock to South Beach for Spring Break and trash the sandy shores with litter from their partying.

Across the country, city officials of coastal destinations are bracing for a storm of twenty-somethings to descend upon their beaches for weeks of drinking, dancing and mischief. 
Miami is no different and to prepare for the eight-week long period, officials have beefed up its staff, hiring extra officers and rolling out a new list of harsh rules for the revelers.

Despite the restrictions, Miami Beach Police are facing off against the disorderly and rambunctious students, deploying beach ATV cruisers to manage the crowds and have made 35 arrests within the first week of the Spring Break chaos as of Friday.

Wild youths, clad in thong bikinis and often with a drink in hand, were dancing on each other when they were wrangled by officials for a mass migration to Ocean Drive, removing hundreds of students from the beach so crews could start cleaning up piles of litter left behind.

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