Wednesday, March 8, 2017

You Wanna Be too Smartphone Dependent?: How CIA allegedly turns everyday devices into high-tech spy weapons


I've been complaining for a while that we're becoming too dependent on "smart" devices to watch TV, to wash our clothes, to turn our lights on and off, or even to find out something by talking out load and having some device on our living room table give us the information we're seeking by talking back to us.  It's nuts!  But hey, what do I know?  I'm an OG, right?  Here what I knew and thanks to Wikileaks the rest of the world knows too.  The more we integrate technology into our everyday routine functions of our lives, the easier it becomes for somebody else to control your life.   

NY Post reports CIA software can secretly turn everyday electronics like smartphones and high-tech TVs into listening devices to spy on unsuspecting users, WikiLeaks claimed in a massive document dump Tuesday.

Some of the computer programs target the iOS software that runs Apple iPhones as well as Google’s Android operating system, which does the same for phones built by Samsung, HTC and Sony, WikiLeaks said.

The “weaponized” software also reportedly provides techniques to defeat the encryption abilities of popular apps including WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram and Wiebo, which claim to supply users with secure and private communications.

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By the way, the CIA won't bother getting a warrant to listen to what’s going on in your house.  They'll just do it! 

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