Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A step in the right direction: North Carolina bill aims to make gay marriage illegal despite supreme court ruling

I don't know how far this bill will.  But, as a nation if we want to avoid God's wrath, it's the right thing to do.  
AOL News reports a bill was submitted on Tuesday which aims to make gay marriage illegal in North Carolina, notes WCNC.  Four Republican state lawmakers are behind the proposed legislation, called the "Uphold Historical Marriage Act," or House Bill 780.

The document, which has since been posted online, argues that a majority of the state's voters—61 percent—had supported the Marriage Amendment of 2012 which WNCN explains "prohibited North Carolina from recognizing or performing same-sex marriages or civil unions."

The bill goes on to criticize the U.S. Supreme Court for ruling in 2015 that gay marriage was, in effect, a legal right. In fact, the authors state that the high court's decision "overstepped its constitutional bounds."

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