Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ditch Ryan: Justin Amash: ‘We Need a Change in Direction from this Speaker or We Need a New Speaker’

From Amash's mouth to God's ears!  I never wanted this clown Paul Ryan as speaker i the first.  The man has no guts!
Breitbart reports congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) said that if the House of Representatives does not change course, Republicans might need a new Speaker.

The Michigan conservative responded to a question about gridlock in Washington, saying, “We need either a change in direction from this speaker, or we need a new speaker.”

Rep. Amash added that the speaker should be replaced with someone who is “nonpartisan.”
Congressman Amash also criticized the House Republican leadership. He said, “When we go home for the weekend, they give us a set of talking points. They say, ‘Here are your talking points.’ That’s not the way you’re supposed to represent a community.”

Congressman Amash echoes the sentiment of other conservatives who wonder if Ryan should lead the House.

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  1. The so-called "Freedom Caucus" has the capability to get rid of Ryan if they choose to do so. There are 435 members in the House. It takes a vote of 218 to elect a Speaker. There are 237 Republicans in the House, and roughly three dozen of them claim to be "Freedom Caucus". If twenty of them would vote for somebody OTHER than Paul Ryan, he could not be Speaker. Now to be effective, they actually have to understand the rules. Simply not voting for anybody does NOT help. But there is no reason each of them could not vote for himself or herself to prevent Ryan from holding that office.

    Grow a pair, or shut up!

  2. Ditch Mitch, Ryan, McCain, and more!!!