Thursday, April 20, 2017

Corrupt Media being Dishonest: ABC, CBS Harping on Ossoff’s Non-Win, ‘First Scare at Ballot Box’ for GOP

Pajama Boy Jon Ossoff lost the race despite getting over $12 million from outside the district from lunatic Liberals and celebrity endorsements like Samuel L. Jackson. 
Look for him to be crushed in the runoff in June which the corrupt media will of course ignore.
NewsBusters reports after spending the morning playing up the non-win of Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff, ABC and CBS continued to play their game of spin-the-story Wednesday evening. “The President put all of his support behind Republicans in yesterday's congressional special election in Georgia, but it turned out that Democrat Jon Ossoff was the top vote-getter,” Anchor Scott Pelley announced on CBS Evening News, “Still, he fell just 2 points short of the 50% needed to avoid a run-off.

But whatPelley failed to mention was that despite how much Ossoff was “the top vote getter,” the Republican vote was dangerously split between 11 different candidates.  

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