Thursday, April 13, 2017

Corrupt Media in Action: CNN's Story Contradicting Devin Nunes on Susan Rice Is Based Entirely on Anonymous Sources

It’s shameful how CNN have become defense council for the Obama administration instead of objective journalists. 
They deserve to be called out for their unprofessionalism and for being co-conspirators to the cover up of the Obama regime spying on the Trump campaign.  It makes Watergate look like a Kindergarten party.       

WeeklyStandard reports House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has been in the news recently because a source in the intelligence community informed him that Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice was behind the "unmasking" of Trump campaign associates in intelligence reports, which may have led to other members of the intelligence community leaking classified information to the press for partisan political reasons.

Nunes has been criticized for the way he handled and presented this information—not without reason—as he rushed to the press with it before handing it over to the rest of the intelligence committee. As a result, Nunes has recused himself from the intel committee's Trump-Russia probe, but he's still looking into Rice's unmasking and the questionable conduct of the intelligence committee more generally. However, Democrats on the committee have now seen the information that Nunes has, and no one denies that Rice is behind the unmasking.

CNN responded to the Rice revelation in a way that was frankly discrediting for a respectable news organization. They refused to cover it, except to have their reporters overtly discredit it and even called it "false" in chryons. (See plenty of examples of the bizarre way they handled this story here.) Even MSNBC, ostensibly much more liberal than CNN, treated the Rice story as legitimate.

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