Monday, April 24, 2017

Delingpole: Manchurian Candidate Macron Is France’s Obama

According to the Leftists media, Emmanuel Macron already has this race wrapped up.  Marine Le Pen might as well stay in bed for the next two weeks because she doesn't have a prayer of winning the French election for president.  Where have you heard this before? 
I think Le Pen is getting ready to shock the world! 

Breitbart reports if you want to know the likely result of next month’s French presidential election run off, just look at how the markets responded. The euro and the French markets both jumped dramatically.

And this has nothing to do with the underlying strength of the sclerotic, unionised, statist, overtaxed, unproductive French economy or, indeed, with the future of the doomed euro.

It was simply a case of the status quo breathing a sigh of relief that it was going to be business as usual, after all: Emmanuel Macron, the de facto Establishment candidate is now pretty much a shoo-in for the French presidency; his rival, Marine Le Pen doesn’t stand a prayer – of that the Establishment will make sure.

But Brexit. But Donald Trump…

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If the French are willing to vote for the French version of Barack Obama, can they really be that stupid?

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