Wednesday, April 19, 2017

John McCain in a Skirt?: Shameful-Media Suck Up Sen. Joni Ernst Throws President Trump under the Bus had “a number of flaws”

I thought Joni Ernst was going to have some guts.
  But, she's turning out to be another weak-kneed GOPer more concerned what the media thinks highly of her.  In other words, she's useless as a fighter.  Typical GOPer!
Mediaite reports Republican Senator Joni Ernst distanced herself sharply from President Donald Trump during a town hall in Iowa on Tuesday. After fielding a question about the president’s character, Ernst pulled no punches, saying that Trump had “a number of flaws”

“I think that Joni Ernst,” she said, “I support a majority of the policies, versus the actual person, but I decry any time a person is ugly towards another person, I don’t think that’s appropriate.”
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