Monday, April 24, 2017

Taking back her ugly lie: The Dishonest Fmr Fox Guest Debbie Schlussel Now Claims She Was Never Sexually Harassed by Sean Hannity

Looks like this lying women got wind of the legal team Sean Hannity is assembling to rip her a new one in a court of law. 
However, this half ass retraction may not be enough to save her from legal jeopardy.  She may have to publically retract her claim in total.    

LawNewz  reports Debbie Schlussel, a former Fox News guest, appeared on a local radio show on Friday and recounted an incident where Sean Hannity purportedly asked her to a hotel, and when she rebuffed his advances, she claims, she was ostracized by the network star. The story has since gone viral garnering headlines like “Sean Hannity Accused of Sexually Harassing Fox News Guest” in publications like The Daily Beast and The Huffington PostNow, in an interview with on Monday morning, Schlussel is denying that she was ever sexually harassed by Sean Hannity. 
While Schlussel stands by her description of the incident, Schlussel told us that she doesn’t believe what happened between the two amounted to sexual harassment by any legal definition.

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