Sunday, April 9, 2017

(Video) Judge Jeanine blistering criticism of weak-kneed Republicans 'Time to put Big Boy pants, What is wrong with the Republicans? Need to be strong like Trump'

I said it less than a day after the election that President Trump's biggest problem will be his fellow Republicans. 
I think I've been proven right because there are too many yellow belly chumps in the GOP!  The country needs the GOP to show grit!  That's exactly what Judge Jeanine echoes in this video    

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  1. Judge Pirro is confusing "weak-kneed" with globalist. The vast majority of Republicans in Congress are not even REMOTELY "weak-kneed". Instead, they aspire to the same One World Government as their bruthas and sistas across the aisle. Opposite ends of the same steaming turd. Nothing more.

    The only REAL "weak-kneed" Republicans in Congress are the Freedom Caucus. They had the opportunity at the start of this Congress to remove Ryan from the Speakership. They chose to not do so, even though they had seen his lies and treason for a full year. And then they have the gall to whine when President Trump calls them out for not supporting bills that the Speaker THEY chose puts forward. President Trump is absolutely correct about the Freedom Caucus. As is Judge Pirro's assessment of "weak-kneed" Republicans when applied to them.