Sunday, May 14, 2017

'Impeach Maxine Waters' , the Dumbest Woman in Congress, street art appears in Inglewood...

Maxim Waters, the dumbest woman in Congress by far, is becoming a star in Democrats circles by singing one tune--calling for President Trump's impeachment. 
She a big hit with Millennials, the least experienced among the population, but she's getting a little blow back in her home district by street art calling for her impeachment.   
AmericanMirror report not-so-friendly street art greeted California Congresswoman Maxine Waters to a Inglewood town hall meeting on Saturday.
Famed artist Sabo posted several works around the venue and posted photos on his Unsavory Agents Facebook page.

A bench sign highlighted the Time magazine report this week that President Trump gets two scoops of ice cream while White House guests receive one.

“Impeach Trump!” the poster says near Inglewood High School.
A bus shelter poster blares “Impeach Maxine Waters” with Waters’ face superimposed over James Brown’s mugshot.
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  1. and they wonder why they have been losing since 2012 and will continue to lose for the forseeable future