Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tennessee Sex club posed as a church to evade the cops: officials

I remember a place in New York that did the same kind of thing back In the 70s. 
There are places like this in cities across the country.
NY Post reports a Tennessee sex club is being accused of masquerading as a church, and it’s owners may need to drop to their knees — to pray — because city officials want to shut the place down.

The SocialClub – which has a permit to operate as a church – were exposed by two undercover city inspectors who infiltrated the swingers club on March 25 and “observed patrons openly engaging in sexual conduct and intercourse,” according to the complaint filed on May 11 by Nashville officials.
Christine Gibson and Bill Earles paid $40 to gain access into the club’s secret sex chamber, and once inside, made their way through 12 rooms with either a bed or a lounge chair where couples and groups were having sex while others watched, court documents read.

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  1. Sure. pedophiles pose as all manner of things that deal with children, least of all foster parents.

  2. I fail to see what business it is of the city what people choose to get up to whilst out of the public view, particularly if they are paying for it.